Since 1642 (Kanei 19) Shiseki Ryotei Kagetsu official website. Enjoy Nagasaki traditional Shippoku Ryori. Prefectural Designated Shiseki Ryotei.

Since 1642 (Kanei 19)
Shiseki Ryotei Kagetsu
Enjoy Nagasaki traditional Shippoku Ryori
Prefectural Designated historic site Japanese restaurant
※Closed: Open daily except sometimes (mainly Tuesday)

2-1 Maruyama-machi Nagasaki city, 8500902

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Welcome to Siseki Ryotei Kagetsu
Please experience spectacular atmosphere in Edo era, exotic mood in Nagasaki, trace of history and seasonal garden spent by forefathers and have Nagasaki Shippoku Ryori at 373 years' Kagetsu room. It is our pleasure to welcome you with our heartwarming hospitality.
Kagetsu history
Kagetsu history

Take a look at history of Kagetsu designated a historic site in Nagasaki prefecture in 1960. Kagetsu has opened as Shiseki Ryotei which is rare even nationwide.
Nagasaki traditional Shippoku Ryori
Nagasaki traditional Shippoku Ryori

Nagasaki traditional Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine 'Shippoku Ryori' is Chinese traditional cuisine mixed with Japanese and Western style.
How to have Shippoku Ryori
How to have Shippoku Ryori

Shippoku Ryori is such an unique Nagasaki traditional cuisine. To enjoy our Shippoku Ryori more, please see how Shippoku Ryori starts and how to have it properly.


 ●Nagasaki tram ・13 min Tram bound for '1.Shokakujidera'
・4 min walk from 'Shiambashi' stop (5 min walk from Shokakujishita)
 ●Car ・8 min from Nagasaki JR Station (2km)
・15 min from Nagasaki dou 'Nagasaki I.C.' via Nagasaki Dejima (5.5km)
・15 min from Nagasaki Megami Ohashi road 'Tomachi I.C.' (6.5km)
・16 min from Nagasaki by-pass 'Kawabira I.C.' (7km)
 ●Nagasaki Bus ・5 min walk from 'Shiambashi' or 'Shofukuji iriguchi' stop / 210m away from Shokakuji eki

Area map

Area map
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