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Welcome to Shiseki Ryotei Kagetsu
Experience the gorgeous luster of the Edo period, the exotic atmosphere of Nagasaki and the warmth of history on the location our predecessors did in the past whilst enjoying the seasonal garden atmosphere. You can enjoy Nagasaki Shippoku Ryori in one of our 378 year old tatami rooms.


●Nagasaki tram
・13 min Tram bound for '1. Soufukujidera'
・4 min walk from the Shiambashi tram stop (5 min walk from Soufukujidera)
・8 min from Nagasaki JR Station (2km)
・15 min from Nagasaki dou 'Nagasaki I.C.' via Nagasaki Dejima (5.5km)
・15 min from Nagasaki Megami Ohashi road 'Tomachi I.C.' (6.5km)
・16 min from Nagasaki by-pass 'Kawabira I.C.' (7km)
●Nagasaki Bus
・5 min walk from the Shiambashi or Shofukuji iriguchi bus stop/210m from Shokakuji station

Area map

Kagetsu area location MAP
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