Privacy Policyプライバシーポリシー

Historical Restaurant Kagetsu (referred to as either “the company,” “we,” “us,” or “our” in this agreement) sets this Privacy Policy to describe our policies and procedures on the collection, use, and disclosure of your information. We inform all employees of how important it is to secure your personal information so that it is undoubtedly protected.

- How we deal with your information

To secure your personal information, we have carefully constructed a security system. We will take all the necessary measures, including the employee-training and improving the management system to keep your information safe.

- The objective of the data collection

You may enter your personal information when you contact us, including your name, email address, and phone number. We use this information only on purpose defined at the timing of your entering inquiries. Note that your information is used to send our answers to your question, invitations to our exhibitions and new menus, and emails or related materials.

- Restrictions on data disclosures and offerings to the third party

We will appropriately deal with your information and not disclose it to the third party except for these situations below.

  • ・When you confirm a particular data usage.
  • ・When we send necessary information in order to outsource part of our services.
  • ・When it is necessary to disclose it based on laws.

- Safety measures

We take all the measures to protect your information and its correctness.

- Identity verification

We accept your offer when you are eager to confirm, modify, or delete your information after verifying your identity.

- Compliance and improvements of our Privacy Policy

We will regularly improve this policy in compliance with Japanese laws related to private information.